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Default Re: Tips for a new smoker

Originally Posted by kingmaddog
Does a larger hookah smoke better than a smaller one?
Does the size of the hookah matter or effect the quality of the smoke?
The answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ We’ve done our research and performed numerous tests. There is such a thing as too small of a hookah. We’ve concluded that anything over 24 inches doesn’t significantly effect the smoking experience. Obviously, the glass chamber on the larger hookahs is larger allowing for more smoke to build up but the smoking experience is not noticeably different. (Quoted from HS)

I personally have noticed that my taller hookahs, smoke WAY better than my friends Mya Diva (which I believe is a 13 inch)... We can always instantly tell the difference in smoke density and flavor when comparing my 30 inch to his 13 inch Mya
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