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Default Re: Khalil Mamoun vs Nour Syrian

The question of why I prefer the Syrian style closed common chamber is a bit involved but's not just what I fancy. Note that the closed common chamber is not the same as the Chinese style common chamber seen in Myas & Stargates as such chambers are open.

The real benefit of the 4 hole closed common chamber is that it requires less effort to fill and discharge the smoke chamber when using the same area of inlet holes then with the Egyptian style porting. I know this for a fact as I have used a pressure gauge and a controlled vacuum set I use at work to compare the effort needed for drawing a given amount of smoke using the same tobacco, coals and hose combo. In effect, I have rigged up a "smoking machine" and the bottom line is that the Syrian rigs require about 50% less effort to get the same same volume of smoke. In engine terms this would referred to as volumetric efficiency.

The Syrian arrangement also lets me have greater control over how much smoke is drawn is also an an upside. Given that I want to linger on the flavour as much as possible and I don't try to use my narghile to conceal infantry maneuvers the shear volume is not what matters to me.

Lastly, I have noticed that smaller amounts of smoke sitting in the smoke chamber allow for less opportunity for staleness to become an issue and the charge/discharge cycle of a closed chamber makes purging easier and the smoke denser which gives me greater opportunity to savor what ever texture the smoke has.

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