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Default Hookah for 6-8 people? (:) my first post)

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my first hookah but I had a few questions. I'm living in a house with 9 people next year (i love college ) so im planning to be smoking with a lot of people all the time.

So I think I want a multi-hose hookah, but I heard that anything past 2 hoses sucks? Is this true, and what is the auto-seal feature that comes with 3+ hose hookahs?

Also, I would think a rotating hookah would make life easier passing hoses around but I heard they aren't that good since they leak, is this true too?

So pretty much, can you guys please give me some recommendations or suggestions as to some good multi-hose hookahs (hopefully around the $90-100 range haha)?Thanks your help guys.
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