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Default Re: First purchase indecision

Originally Posted by axmann View Post
the diffuser isn't really worth it imo.

Having smoked both a tiny multi-hosed hookah (albeit not a mya) and my single hosed 32" MZ Horas there is no comparison in my opinion. i have found larger egyptians to hit much better and single hoses to hit better than multi-hoses.

I have moved my MZ around to parties a couple times and I've had up to 6 people smoking it at once. Even if you have a multi-hoser more than one person cant hit it at the same time or you will get crappy smoke.

In conclusion, I would suggest a KM or an MZ from ******* hookah
Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do. I decided to buy cheap pumpkin today ($20), to tide me over until I get my next job or my b-day, whichever comes first. Got everything I want sitting in my basket for when the day comes.
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