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Default Re: First purchase indecision

Originally Posted by tbonesown View Post
I've owned a small hookah for the better part of 2 years now, and i can definately say that for transporting and for casual smoking... it's beautiful. But smaller hookahs don't even compare to their larger breathren ((i smoke from a 32" KM with a large color matched KM hose)).

But don't get me wrong, i still often bust out the tiny one and give it a throw.

and i regularly smoke with 5+ people with one hookah. we do the hit, hit, hit pass rule so that it doesn't seem to take as long between smoking ((the 3 hits seem to tide you over well enough)).

POST PICS of your new pumpkin and any new hookahs you pick up, we're all eager to see i'm sure.

I totally agree with this, although my 2 hose broke, so i mob my 3 hose around now. =]
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