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Default Future Purchases...

So I'm relatively new to the Hookah world, but I'm really getting into it.

A couple of months ago I bought a 31" Hookah called "The Kremlin". I love the look of it but performance wise I'm not sure it's really that great. For awhile there I was content just using the cheap hose and bowl that came with it. I was smoking some cheap shisha brand that they gave free samples of with my hookah package. Then I decided to do some research and figure out how to maximize my experience.

First I bought some better Shisha from the local store. Tried some Rosetta and some Al Fakher. HUGE difference. Better taste, lasted longer, bigger clouds. Wow this is cool, but I want more! So then I bought a Tangier's medium Phunnel. I like it! It gave me even bigger clouds and I seem to have been learning better heat management skills now that I'm smoking a little more often. Then my Nammor hose arrived with some Starbuzz tobacco! Wow, this hose is amazing. I really get huge easy pulls, it's comfortable, looks cool, and easy to hold. The starbuzz is expensive, but quite tasty! I'm really happy with my Hookah experience so far, but then...

I read some reviews on some KM's.

And now I'm thinking I'm missing out on something here. From the minute I started doing a bit more research I've thought that my Hookah may be on the cheaper quality side due to it's "Generic" status. I can't find out what band or company it's made by, nor can I even find it available online anymore.

So I've decide that I want to spend a little bit more money on this Hookah hobby of ours. Not necessarily right away, but over the next few months definately.

Here's what I am thinking. I have two moods when it comes to smoking. One mood is when I want something to calm my anxiety and help me study/concentrate, and the other is to be social with friends and have the coolest hookah session possible. For the first mood, I'm going to need something quick, easy, small, and it won't need to last for long periods sessions. For the second, I want something that's going to produce the best quality session, be the center of attention, and really make me feel satisfied.

I've heard wonderful things about John at CH, so I looked on his site and I think I've decided on these two hookahs:

11" Mya Bambino

35" KM Classic

Keep in mind I already have a Nammor hose and Tangier's medium phunnel (scalli mod being shipped as we speak) that I can use with either Hookah.

Any comments, opinions, or suggestions regarding my choices? I'm by no means set on this decision yet, I want to learn as much as I can before I commit to a purchase.

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