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Default Re: Khalil Mamoun vs Nour Syrian

I only own 5 different Syrian rigs and my comments were with respect to traditional 4 hole, closed common chamber style narghiles. I understand that Syrian rigs with Egyptian style porting exist and and in those cases smoke flow would be mater of passage diameter and general construction methods so I don't think that they would have any special advantage over a well made Egyptian rig.

I will however say that I do believe that on the whole Syrian narghiles are better made then Egyptian rigs in that they tend to use more brass and the metal components have thicker walled construction. I have also noted that Syrian glass and crystal tends to have greater wall thickness and are less prone to have air bubbles and are better tempered then most Egyptian glass. Lastly, I have found Syrian rigs to be less prone to welding defects although the better Egyptian brands don't have much of an issue in this area.

Still, the truth is that if you buy a narghile made by one of the better Egyptian brands you'll most likely have made a good purchase. In all honesty I have not seen any indication that any qualitative differences exist between KM, MZ, Al Ashrey and Shisha King but that the differences are basically personal tastes and marketing hype.

When all is said and done I think my KMs are excellent but my Syrians are better still.

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