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Default Re: Burnt Rubber Smell

Originally Posted by jreese86 View Post
Ugh, I tried firing up some Starbuzz Apple Cinnamon tonight, and for the second time in a row I've gotten a nauseating burning rubber smell.

My Setup:
31" Kremlin Hookah
Tangier's Medium Phunnel Bowl
Nammor Hose
Belgian Natural Coals

The last time I smoked it was much fainter. I actually smoked most of the Rosetta Apple Cinnamon in the bowl before I realized something was off. I got a killer migraine afterwards. The next day I cleaned everything up. I first used rubbing alcohol and a brush on the stem. Then I ran some lime juice through the stem, followed by a steady stream of hot water. I cleaned out the phunnel and let it sit in baking soda/lime juice for awhile. I rinsed out the hose with some lime juice and then ran hot water through it. I swished baking soda and lime juice around in the vase.

Fast forward to today, I pack a new bowl and fire it up. Instantly catch a horrible burnt rubber odor. Bad enough to make me queezy. Took one or two puffs and about puked. I took it all apart and the best I can figure is that the bowl grommet is burning, although after cleaning and examining it, it doesn't look deformed at all.

I recleaned everything again using rubbing alocohol and baking soda/lime juice. I can't quite get the smell to go away. It's horrid. Ugh.

Does it make sense that it could be the bowl grommet burning? What else could it be? How do I get this horrid smell to go away?

Good thing I was thinking about ordering a KM soon anyways =/
If it's happening instantly when you light it up I doubt it's the grommet, it takes awhile to heat up. The only time I've had a rubber or silicone burn is when I had the coal too close to it on my Bambino, NEVER during an actual session. What kind of foil do you use?
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