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Default Odd or Crazy Hookah Stories

At the behest of *************, I figured I would share a story that I had from smoking when I was in Damascus and maybe I could get a few stories out of you whether odd, crazy or funny.

So I used to not know how to blow smoke rings, some of my friends tried to teach me it didn't really help. They told me to pretend like I was giving head, that wasn't really much help since its not my style. So I'm sitting on the balcony of my uncles flat on the 6th floor, we've been smoking for a while and he finally goes in to sleep and lets me just finish off the rest on my own. I finally, finally manage to blow a ring, I do it a few times and suddenly I hear someone shouting at me from the neighboring building, they tell me to look up, and there's a lot of smoke coming from the top of the building, I had not noticed it from the balcony, but the power turned off and turned back on, and the power caused all boxes on the ground level to catch fire. The wires caught fire and burned into the flats. So I run in to get my uncle, my aunt, and their 3 kids all under 10 and one who was only 2 years old, but he's running out to the balcony, the whole place was full of smoke. So we're at the balcony calling for help and waiting on the fire truck. We saw it but it took it 20 minutes to actually get to our building, apparently it was hard to find the tall building that was on fire. Before they can even make it up to our floor the fire starts coming in, so we take the little garden hose that we wash the balcony with and use it to try to put out the flames that are making their way into the flat, and after a while it actually started to work. The smoke, however, was still pouring in and coming out the balcony, we had to run in to get some towels and wet them so we could breathe a little better. After about 8 hours of waiting on the balcony it was finally safe to go inside. Luckily there wasn't much damage, but about everything was colored grey. We took the stairs to go down and they were all wet from the firehoses and soot was everywhere. The access doors in the stairwell to the powerlines were blown off the hinges from the flames, we're talking about some tall steel doors here. When I finally get back to my place I was my mouth out and my nose and nothing but black comes out. Kinda nasty... Thought that was enough smoke for a year, but after about 2 days I was back smoking up with my uncle, but this time at café on top of Qasyoun mountain, I refused to go back to any of the buildings in that side of town since they were all built that way.

Well that's one to start it off, I got some that are less dramatic but honestly that was an interesting experience.

By the way the view from that mountain is amazing, I have a direct link to it on my site,
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