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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

I honestly dont know how deep this all goes......

I will say that I havent been the biggest fan of locked threads over there. Seems that when theres a topic they dont want to have discussed, even within the rules, they lock it at will.

If you are gonna do that stuff.... then at least ammend the rules and let folks know that "uncomfortable"
topics will be locked.

Heres the HF rules.

The rules are in the best intentions of the forum, and I think it won't be a great challenge for anyone here to abide by them. Just to show how much of a loveable nice guy I am, I will explain my thinking after each rule.

1. No discussions of illegal drug activities. The culture of hookah smoking in our generation is meant for tobaccos. In Egypt, whose culture played an important part in the development and nurturing of the machine and rituals have stricter drug laws than we do. A typical fine/penalty for having **** on your person can be an automatic 2 years in jail and 10,000 Pound fine. You will probably make new friends while serving time. Friends you don't want Mom and Dad to know about. This further reinforces the notion that massell is smoked in the machine. The last thing we need are casual surfers to visit us and leave with the impression we are a bunch of *** heads. If you want to slime yourselves, that is fine. Go somewhere else to do it. Just don't slime our past times.
2. Refrain from vulgar language. While we all come from different backgrounds and social settings, our choice of language skills vary. However, we know (or should know) the words and phrases that are offensive. Masked words can be witty and harmless when we are describing an experience. However, vulgarity and masked words can/usually are taken as a threat when directed toward another member/ or members. Sometimes asking a group of people to use good judgment isn't always enough. If a moderator corrects you, don't get an attitude and resist. Just understand. Read the last paragraph on this post.
3. Retailers, wholesellers, and other type of venders will not spam, flame or in any other way harass members on this forum, and will disengage when asked to. Gee, why am I writing this? We have always had a good relationship with some retailers here. We understand the purpose of any business is to create cash-flow. Simple. However, if nothing is being contributed to the forum by these people, other than marketing, you are on the wrong forum. We have always enjoyed some retailers offering samples of a new product to members, offering valuable advise and using this as a place to "get away from it all at night." Don't wear out your welcome here and just leave when asked to do so. If your product is overpriced, or inferior, accept the opinions of the members. This forum is for them, not you MR Retailer.

Hey.... they own the place, its their sandbox. they can do what they want.

Im just not fond of of how heavy handed things have become. For me it makes me shy away from posting....

HF has way too much resentment toward other boards. I know where it comes from.... and I understand it.... but damn...