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Default Re: want to buy a pyrex bowl. "any thoughts?"

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
Well, I think it's silly to have a hookah bowl that you cannot touch with your tongs. I mean come on....

Anywho, I LOVE the design of the smiley brand bowl. The other pyrex bowls are just worthless. I just wish someone made the smiley design in clay or something.
well its probably one of those things that who ever made it never realized that the temp differences would be enough to do it and never experienced it when they tested them

Originally Posted by Hossnposs View Post
I was about to defend their durability (based on cookware), but then I remembered Pyrex is a brand name, not a material. I doubt that a cookware company would make a hookah bowl, so it's probably knockoff material made with shotty craftsmanship.

Also very overpriced unless you take Dunkel up on his offer.
"pyrex", while a brand name is like kleenex meaning tissues or how ipod has become the general word for music players. you can buy the exact same formulation of glass in rods and tubes to lamp work with so these bowls can be the "real" stuff... just glass is not the best material for this since it doesnt like thermo shock to much. also the thicker the bowl the more likely it will be to crack (counter intuitive i know) but the thinner the bowl the faster the temperature can equalize

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