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Question Finally it's here! How to store?

Hey guys! Finally my tobacco has arrived! it was a risk Im really not taking again.. It was very expensive and IF customs would have found it, It could be BIG problems for me.. So the tobacco I ordered I would like to hold as long as possible!

Im afraid of opening to many jars at the same time cus I dont want it to become bad after a few months.. Since with this tobacco I would have alittle over 20 sorts of different tobacco brands and flavours that is opened! and 250 grams.. So Im afraid I wont be able to smoke it all before it starts getting bad...

I know I should store it in airtight jars and that is of course what i would do. The nakhla and al fakher I store in glass jar:
And the starbuzz and Fusion I will put in ziplocks and keep in the original jars.. Everything is of course stored in dark room - room temperature..

So ehat do u say? Is there better way to store this? like does it make difference if I put the nakhlas and AF in zoplock and then in glass jar instead of just in glass jar? And should I store SB in otherway? And should I be careful with not having to many jars open cus they might get bad or should I just fire aheaD?
How long do you think they can be stored without them getting loss in taste or juice ?
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