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Default Re: Freak's Blend-Off Voting Is Up and Running!

I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the number of double/triple posts this thread is going to get from me - But I have to keep everything updated -

After reading the Top 10 thread from SamBooka, I have to say HookahPro is doing well... and I've smoked just about every blend entered in the contest, and I know they're all pretty solid.


Ultimate Coffee has pulled out a big lead over Island Getaway after they started at a dead heat.

Berry Exciting is leading Jack Wacker by a fair margin -

Your Mom is fending off Happy Cruffing with a small lead. (I just had to say that.)

The Lazy Dayz Special is laying the smackdown on Virgin Mary!

Dessert is routing Lemon-Orange like a Foxhound after... well... a fox. (read that in your best Christopher Walken voice)

Banana-Berry Smoothie is looting the ship of the Captain's Cocktail.

Triple Berry Margarita is barely edging out over What Happens In Vegas...

Tranquility Bay is overtaking Lover's Paradise.

Vegas Vic's Mai Tai Mix is in trouble against Hot Raspberry Truffle.

The zebra has donned lingerie as Fruitstripe takes a commanding lead over Pink Panties.

In a pop culture battle "Yeah Boyee" leads Ahhhh... Skeet Skeet.

Child of Fire is whuppin' up on Cherry Vanilla Coke.

Sweet Passion and Pagne brings the pagne against Vinny's Caribbean Vacation!

Berry A La Mode has Three Generations by the neck!

The infamous Pterodactyl Piss is being slowly evaporated in the sun of Tropical Dreamsicle!

Big Momma's House is trapped by Autumn Asylum.

Superman is immune to the bullets of Vanilla Fudge Raspberry!

Mystic Hazel has P.O.W. on the interrogation table!

People seem to agree that they'd rather eat Banana Nut Bread than sip on a Sunset Smoothie!

Iced Cream is in the wrong neighborhood when paired up against Compton.

Minty Melodies looks to be playing Thanks!'s funeral dirge!

After a rocky start, Mojito has a slight lead over Wosk's Private Label.

Spiced Apple Cider is bringing a chilly wind to Tropical Paradise!

Desert Paradise reminds us that Fall in the desert is still hot as it leads over November Afternoon.

Sweet Dreams is bringing night terrors to Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

It looks like the Goonbot Special is going to destroy Townsville as it takes a solid lead over Powerpuff!

Olympic Explosion is disqualifying Ryan's Mix - But will it win a gold medal?

Razzle Dazzle Delicious has a sliver of a lead over HookahDomain Egg Nog.

In what appears to be some sort of angry grudge match, Tropical Teazis is stealing the *** of gold from Leprechaun No. 77.

Exotic Concoction is beating out our first Banana Split entry by a fair margin.

Lemonade Serenade lulled Caramel Apple into a false sense of safety before delivering a vicious blow!

Island Delight is being spitted and roasted by Barbacoa!

Voters have outgrown the silly rabbit and moved on to experimental music as J's White Irish Jazz holds Trix at bay.

In a matchup between drinks PineBerryAde is getting sloshed by Captive Cola!

Sweet and Spice and Everything Nice should've gotten meaner against Sweet Hots!

Sunshine Margarita and slice of life are neck and neck -- who will come out on top?

Will's Apple Cocktail is getting slammed by Berry Minty!

In a matchup of ridiculously long names, Lemon and Lime Berries Devine! takes a definite lead over Mentho-Lemonnade-Orange!

Holiday Spice seems to have bitten through Ultimate Sour and found the sweet center!

Island Paradise has decided it only likes frozen yogurt as it continues to beat down the second installment of Banana Split!

Fruit Basket is taunting Buttermint with a commanding lead.

Corlea's Yummy Pie seems to be a voter favorite as it takes on Sunburst!

In a contest between Raspberry Frappe and Potpourri Porridge... well... voters have decided one at least sounds palatable.

The Wild Thornberries are taking Ooh Wee on an adventure in the woods... and leaving it there.

The ambiguous Yacoubian is handily taking out Paradise Now.

Industrial Fallout is burning through Berried Treasure's booty.

XXX has a slight lead over Black Irish... will there be a comeback?

It looks like Twisted Sublime might've eaten some tainted Iranian Guacamole!

And that's the Thursday update on the polls!

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