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Default Just met some COOL people because of the hookah!

We just came back from smoking hookah at the complex we always go to and we ended up meeting a whole group of people who were really laid back and down to earth... We were the only people who would go to this complex to smoke hookah... and oddly enough when we got there tonight, there was about a good six other people smoking hookah... so we set up at another table, and towards the middle of our sesssion they approached us and started admiring our hookah. After talking with them for the duration of our session, we basically exchanged numbers and so far it looks like we may have aquired an entire group of fellow hookah smokers... they had a 26 inch Mya acrylic, and strangely enough, they didn't know it was a Mya (or it's name for that matter) until I told them! go figure... but yeah, I just think it's cool how the hookah can allow you to meet cool new people and make friends... has this ever happend to any of you guys?
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