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Default What should I smoke

Just got a nice delivery from Hookah-Hookah. Being that its my first order from them and I have never tried any of their stuff I dont know what to smoke first. Heres what I got.....Had the make me a tub of Chocolate,Vanilla and Raspberry (had a haigen das (spelling?) ice cream with same ingredents and was increadible). Than I got 10 tubs of 50 g of each of the following: key lime pie, fruit punch, lemonade, cola, pineapple, double apple, grape, white grape, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon. Taking a shower now so first reply when I get out is what Ill smoke and post what I thought. Also my order came with a bunch of free Akhla charcol. Are these any good? Never used the I usually use Jap. silver tabs.
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