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Default Re: Finally it's here! How to store?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
Man Ive got a new problem now.. I read a thread from dmc and ow Im worried that I will have to pay customs for the stuff.. Im not sure but the package had a hole in it ( second time cus last package also had a hole in it ) so im thinking they have opened it and put a hand in it and felt the tobacco and charged me for it.. Cus this package went in for inspection but was let out again.. And dmc got his package once and then he got papers later on sent at home saying that he has to pay customs...
Maybe thats what will happend to me too, so i must call them tomorrow and ask them what'sup cus I cannot afford paying 3.25kg tobacco customs.. that will be sooooo much !!
DO NOT CALL THEM, you are inviting trouble by this call. Leave it at that, if they do not call u, cool ..... if they call u, deal with it then.... but if YOU call them they will definitely charge u and u might even be in legal trouble.

Originally Posted by esisomsun View Post
cant find a link but you know... glad storage bags.. they have the vaccum seal kind and ziplock kind. it just keeps air from getting in while in storage for a period of time.
Yeah these are what I have, Glad's ... with a double zipper, they are freezable and microwavable (not that I would ever do that) and airtight, I tried squeezing air out of them while zipped, not a single atom of air is out !
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