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Default Re: What should I smoke

So my first experience with HH wasnt a good one. First I figured Id try the grape. Grape was the first flavor I ever had at a lounge about a year ago and I really liked it. Reminded me of a grap bubble yum. Since than Ive tried grape af and hated it so im trying to find that flavor I had first. The HH grape was not good at all. Very little grape flavor just had a very wierd unpleasent flavor. Tried smoking it for a little and didnt get better so i decided to switch for the fruit punch. Smelled good before lighting but again it had a unpleasent flavor which I thought was nothing like fruit punch. Since I dont believe you can deciede if you hate a flavor after one smoke I will be trying these again in a few days or so. I hope the other flavors I got are a little better. As for the Akhla they are the best quick lights Ive used to date. Light extremly quick and little/no taste while smoking.
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