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Default Bowl/Foil Question

Hi, I recently purchased a "king of hookah" brand "miss nile" from a small shop in astoria NY (if anyone has never been there, it is amazing, every other deli has hookah's/tobacco in the window, and its pretty common to see older people sitting on the sreet with their hookah's). I had never heard of this brand but it looked amazing and the price was right, so i decided to try it out. It came with a two piece bowl (essentially a small bowl, with a removable top, which just made the bowl deeper and wider). After smoking both the larger (both bowls) and the smaller (bottom bowl), i decided to read the directions that came with it for the hell of it, and i was both surprised and confused. It said "First, remove the top part of the ceramic bowl. Using your metal charcoal pincers, place enough tobacco to fill the bowl to the top. Take a square piece of aluminum foil and wrap it over the top of the bowl sealing the tobacco in. Put the ceramic top back." and then it continued explaining poking holes, lighting the charcoal...
So im not sure if i read this right, but it was saying load the small bowl, place the foil over, and THEN place the other part of the bowl on top of that? Would that make any sense? Im still rather confused about that. - the hookah - the bowl
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