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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

Well I just read what pp is complaining about. He was talking drugs. I edit his thread and told him nono or I was going to give him a 23 head chop. 32 hour bann for drug talk. I didn't ban him. I just warned him. He likes to accuse me of what.i really don't know nor do I care to know. I think he is a little pissed about alot of things.I am sure I am to blame. The other forum is Notorious for Pushing Blame on me and Picking on me. Nothing has changed over there. Same Crap Same Place. When I first came there I was ridiculed and picked on. By evryone includeing Mushy. I was banned for 24 hour for no reason at all. I pretty much was treated like a asshole. So in my own Opinion. If they don't like us. Oh well. I am happier here. There is no bullshit or bias opinions being posted by the owners of the Forums friends to boost population.
I really feel that I have been forogtten. I do truly believe that alot of them I hooked up with free products,Advice and Care. Have forgotten what I have done for all of them. So if PP wants to cry. Let him. I really don't care.