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Default Re: Burnt Rubber Smell

So after a half a bottle of rubbing alcohol, more lime juice, and some beer I finally got the smell out of my hookah. I fired up my small Egyptian bowl and started up the hookah with no grommet. No smell or funny taste. Then I put the grommet in for a bit, and still no funny taste. After smoking the rest of it I switched out the egyptian bowl with my medium tangier's phunnel. The instant I put the tangier's bowl on it started smelling funny. I took the bowl off, removed the grommet, and put it back on. Cleared out the hookah and the smell stopped and I got no funny taste. The grommet is a bit thick for the phunnel bowl so about half of the grommet is still exposed. So somehow my grommet just doesn't work well with the phunnel and it causes it to burn. Odd.
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