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Default Just bought KM 38" Chiller (not pulling so well? help)


I purchased a 38" KM Chiller through ******* Hookah, and loved their services. John @ CH hooked it up with a cool AF knife/lighter & a deck of playing cards on top of my entire order. (I've told my friends and they were very impressed as well) I received the hookah TWO days after putting in my CC info and ordering it. (Talk about an amazing service)

Anyways, my problem:

I loaded up some Tangiers Passion Fruit in to a NON-MODDED funnel bowl. Loaded some salt/ice/water in to the chiller. I had a hard time placing the stem into the vase, got it down to about a half-inch left and my friends and I agreed that it should be fine so we left it at that. Placed tinfoil over the funnel bowl with an outer circle of holes, and an inner circle of holes, with one hole in the middle (not too big). Used the natural coals from ******* Hookah (took a while to heat up.. like, a long while) and started smoking.

It took probably 5 minutes until we had any REAL smoke coming out, and even then it was still very thin and rather harsh. Why could this be?

I've tried to be as thurough as possible with my description, if you have any questions please let me know. I'll be reviewing this post & answering questions for a bit because I'm interested in reloading this thing asap.

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