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Default Help: shisha that is too moist

I'm towards the end of my container shisha and i didn't mix the tobacco well enough when i first was smoking it so the remaining shisha is VERY moist.

The problem is that it's not letting much air through and giving me a lot of resistance. I'm being EXTRA EXTRA careful not to pack it hard, i'm breaking it up really fine and trying not to pack it much at all and it's still a struggle.

I'm hesitant to rinse out some of the excess juices because i feel it robs the shisha of it's potential flavor. I know it's not the rig (32" KM with large diameter KM hose and egyptian clay bowl) cause i've never had this problem.

If squeezing the juice out is the only resort then i'll do it, but i wanted to ask some members before doing that.
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