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Default Need Hookah Buying Advice

I just started getting into smoking hookah. I have a 3 Hose Glyph that I got from It smoke ok, but I always strive for perfection. I have heard WONDERFUL things about the famous KM hookahs and there awesome smoke clouds. I was thinking about selling my hookah to a friend for about the same I bought it for and buying a KM hookah. I will mainly be smoking my hookah inside on a nice coffee table. I would like something that isn't too tippy and with decent length hoses. I like to smoke with friends so maybe a two hose would be nice but not necessary. I have about 150.00dollars to spend on a hookah and accessories. I was told to get a KM hookah from *************.com... but there is a lot that are sold out and I want to get the right one, even if i have to wait a bit. Do all the the KM hookahs come with the famous KM hoses I keep hearing about? So, my questions for you guys is.....

What is the best Hookah I can get for 150.00?
Should I switch any stock parts that come with it?
Should I wait for certain KM hookahs from *************.com to come in before buying?
Are there any other places beside ************* and wo********* that I should be looking at?
What is a diffuser do? Should I get one?

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