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Default Re: Need Hookah Buying Advice

all the windcovers i've seen aren't tall enough to reach from the tray to over the bowl...
you can:
1. put your tongs on the tray and put the windcover on top of that (so i've heard)

2. i made a "custom" windcover. i'll post a pic of mine in my pictures momentarily. basically i took a 250 gram starbuzz container, took off the top, flipped it over and cut 3 even spaced diameter lines ((results in 6 pie shaped triangles)) and bent those back. i placed the windcover inside that then bent the 6 triangles around the bottom of the windcover and used a hammer to lightly tap them against the windcover to form a tight grip.

and a hookah doesn't HAVE to be a certain height. the height doesn't really affect it too much. but the good ones are usually above 25"... if i'm off base here, i hope one of the other members will jump in with their .02

((i'll pm you when i post a pic of my modified windcover))
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