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Default Chinese Phunnel Bowl Packing 101


I got myself four chinese phunnel bowls from *************.com and I must say they deserve what I've paid for, they are of a high quality, I accidentally dropped one on a hard tiled floor from 5 feet high and not a single scratch.

Anyways, here are my two cents for packing ur phunnels.

1- Get the large phunnels, they are better, underpack them if u smoke alone if u do not want to waste tobacco.

2- Fluff and sprinkle your tobacco well around the inner hole.

3- Make sure tobacco is not packed for maximized air flow.

4- Tobacco should be just as high as the edge of the inner rim, not higher ..... also should never be high enough to touch the foil.

5- Stretch your foil as much as possible, should be tight and hard on top ..... if ur foil is too frail and tears apart, double the foil (cut a bigger piece of the roll and fold it). Being tightly stretched is important to prevent foil from falling on tobacco and burning it, or falling on the inner phunnel hole and obstructing ur air flow and making ur pull much harder.

6- Make two circles of holes, with a needle or a toothpick ..... And for the love of God do not make any holes on the inner phunnel hole, you will get coal taste and u won't like it.

7- If during smoking the foil falls and the pull is harder, either pull the foil down on the neck of the phunnel, or if it is too hot for you, get a toothpick and insert it horizontally into the foil at the edge of the phunnel, use it as a leverage to put the foil back up then remove it.

Hope that covers it all ! Enjoy
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