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Not that i need to tell anyone here because most of you probably already know this but i wanted to talk about my experience:

a couple months ago i bought this bowl from my local smoke shop:

i thought because it was deeper and bigger that it would produce better smoke and last longer. boy was i wrong. i've been smoking out of it since i got it and got maybe a 45 minute to an hour smoke with the taste going bad pretty quickly. probably because of the mix of the bowl distributing heat really poorly(the bowl was almost to hot to blow out after 15 minutes of use) the molassus leaking down a bunch. Not to mention having to use quite a bit more shisha.

I switched back to the regular egyption bowl i got with my hookah tonight and packed it nice and light with some sb blue myst and i got way better clouds and it lasted me an hour and a half a least. when i was putting everything away i realized that the bowl wasn't even done!

another thing i did tonight that i havent normally done, but will definitly continue to do was poke the holes in my foil before i pack the shisha. i think when i poke the holes with the bowl packed i lift up the tobacco up so it is to close to the coals and burning.

I hope this post helps someone from making the same mistake i did. Oh and i cant wait to get my vortex bowl and a sweet hose next week! you guys have given me a lot of great information about how to make the experience even better so thanks!
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