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:: To make smoke rings ::
-> make a wistle mouth
-> and push out (very slight) ticks of smoke with your tongue
-> (or poke ur cheak or move your chin up/down )

:: To change the ring size ::
-> You can make diffrent sizes of smokerings by changing your wistle-mouth-opening-size

small rings travel faster , big ones move slow

so after being able to do both , you can first blow a big one , and then make a small one go through it ...

:: Nose-rings ::
you can make smokerings come out of your nose , by opening and closing the soft palate above the back of ur tongue ..

(this took me lotz of practise)(result = small funny rings)

:: Dampkap / Drawback ::

Theres the trick in belgium we call "DAMPKAP"
-> you fill up your mouth with smoke
-> and then while you inhale trough your nose : push out the smoke in your mouth

(This makes the smoke stream out your mouth into your nose)

the trick is to blow less / suck more =P

If making rings doesn't work out for u ,
learn from them

or blow bubbles
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