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Default Re: Bambino questions

I'm also a proud owner of the bambino. It's an amazing hookah and it's really easy to use and, here's the best part, you don't have to sacrifice anything with it's ease. What I mean is that, as simple as it is to use, the smoke u get from it is wonderful. I haven't been able to match farbeyonddriven's smoke in his video but I've definitely surpassed the local lounges I used to go to within my first setup. I suggest you do get a phunnel and a nammor. First off, I've still yet to finish an entire session to it's entireity because it just goes on so long with the phunnel. Yesterday i did a bowl for over an hour and 45 mins and when i looked at the shish, there was still alot of unburnt areas. And the ease of the nammor is amazing. I was scared at first since i thought it would tip it over, but the bambino is SOLID. I highly recommend this.

farbeyonddriven: how did you get your smoke so thick? any tips?
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