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Default 2000$ to spend on a new hookah

Ok so im pretty excited, i just found out im getting 2000$ in tax return and it seems right to spend it on a new hookah .

I'm obviously looking for the most smoke and flavor from my hookah and after alot of reading and looking up on *************.com I believe that a KM is right for me.

But i've got a few questions first i need to be answered

The bigger the better? will i get more thick clouds with a bigger shisha? and is there a type of KM better than the other?

I'm leaning towards the 36'' pear right now, and curious to know if theres a difference with a 35'' classic? (would want the 41'' but no stock)

There are always atleast 5 ppl at my house so i would def need a bigger bowl.

Which phunnel bowl would go well with a KM or do any phunnel bowls fit well?

Again im looking to maximise my smoking experience, so any suggestions/comments would be greatful!
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