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Default Re: 2000$ to spend on a new hookah

Originally Posted by Kman187 View Post
wow thanks for the fast replies! ok so ill def shoot for the 36'' then, cleaning is not a problem for me i have ample room and time.

Will prob go with a medium phunnel, worst comes to worst i can put a mod in it right?
Nah no mod. I tried it with my medium phunnel bowl before I traded it off for shisha (still waiting for my package to come in) and it didn't work!. I'm guessing its because the coals are way too far away from the shisha.

Small is the way to go. I have the new one...At first the smoke was a bit off, but then I remembered that I had to tell the bowl heat up :P

It looks different, but smoke is the same. Ah! EXCEPT that the scali mod doesn't fit on it for some reason anymore!

I'd say stay away from the blue/green/black combo..I've been hearing that its the one that is off. Remember, Zen and I are talking about the TANGIERS bowl and NOT the chinese one.

The chinese bowl doesn't have these problems from what I have been hearing
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