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Default Re: Chinese Phunnel Bowl Packing 101

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I gotta say i dont like these very much, it works great for 25-30 minutes and then the shisha completely burns and the taste is more mellow then standard bowls, no matter what shisha, ive tried AF starbuzz and tonic, it all burns with 30 mins, ive tried using less coals a windcover etc but i dont think they are that good
Well, with my method, my bowl works for 90 minutes minimum with thick clouds AND it retains the taste, I have to change coals many times .. sometimes I leave it because I get bored, not because I burnt the shisha. Give it a try ..... Btw, I tried Nakhla, AF and Starbuzz... All work great.

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Very good write up Ahmad, and you were absolutely correct. Nice to hear John did a video for this as well. I need to get more videos up but I have just been busy lately. Nima bare with me man, the video is coming soon!
where is that vid of John's?
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