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Default Re: Advice needed please

wow talk about necro posting but since it came up

i have a 2 hose rotator. and frankly "o its pointless to have more than 1 hose on a rotator" is a stupid comment that is made way to often. if i have 4-5 people over i dont want to pass 1 hose for all those people. i got one from H-S and ya its not as good of quality as i expected, infact i can list a lot of flaws about it that i think are total bull but well what ever. it smokes pretty well (but the hose adapters are very inconsistent and some have basically no air flow and others have a huge amount so you either need to get a few extra or be skilled with a dremil/jewelers saw). auto seal on them is a joke so we just have to cap the hoses but its not bad at all.

would i buy it again, meh i dont think so, i would rather spend the cash on a mya, but it works well just has a decent amount of quirks you have to figure out

and yes al waha cola is pretty good. i havent gotten to have al faker cola so i cant judge against that but the other colas ive had are not as good

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