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Default The subject is... Pina Colada's (anyone?)

Hey guys. Yesterday I felt I really needed a vacation. But with everything going crazy in the Smiley world there was no way to leave Tucson. Plus gas prices what they are. I felt it was better and Cheapper to make a Vacation here in Tucson. I decided on a Jamacian Trip. So I went to the store and Bought all of the stuff to make Pina Colada's. I went home set up my Boom Box Outside and started to Jam some Bob Marley. I went inside Got my Hookah and some Fumari Pina Shisha. I first made me a Pina Colada to drink. I had some left I figured what the hell. I put the rest in my vase and Loaded a Bowl of Pina Shisha. I went outside and sat in my lounge chair and Smoked and Drank Pina Colada's while kicking back and Litening to Bob Marley. Some of my friends showed up. They joined me outside for Some Make Shift Jamacian Fun. I hope this give you a idea to create your own vacation with out leaveing your house. Plus i saved a Bunch on Gas. Try it I feel much better.LOL
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