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Default Re: Anyone having problems with CH QL's?

I've gone through a good clip of CH QL's and Nattys and have never had this issue. If I do get any throat irritation, it is because of the crap shisha that I am trying that session.

I noticed that badboy didn't mention the shisha he was smoking. I am willing to bet that it was a more tangy flavor of a newer AF cut. This seems to be the case with newer production dates of citrus mist and tangerine dream for SB.

Newer AF needs to be acclimated before smoking for at least an hour. It sucks that this needs to be done, but the smoke is so much smoother afterwards, its worth the wait. This especially holds true of people that may have bought tobacco from somewhere that is geographically very different from where they are (like southern california to London).

Bottom line, I find it hard to believe that anyone can have irritation from CH coals and not from CocoNaras because they are essentially the same thing!
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