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Default Worst session ever... help!

So i was in the mood for some hookah this morning, and decided to try out a some el baz apple. Everything went well, until right after i had everything cleaned up. I put my hookah away, and was hit with a massive headache. The only thing that helped was laying down. I got up for a few minutes to take some excedrin, at which point i got extremely nautious. About five minutes after taking the pain meds, I had to run to the bathroom, and threw up... a lot. I layed down some more, and realized that my hands were shaking, and i basically just couldn't function. I have no clue why this happened. Im kinda new to hookah, but have a good sense of what im doing. I smoked for only about 30-45 minutes (although i was puffin quite often), and the smoke got harsh maybe once or twice, which i immediately took care of. What the hell could have caused this? This whole thing kinda turned me off to hookah... a lot.. the lingering smell of it in my room is still making me nautious. Also, any tips to feel better, i still feel like garbage. Thanks.
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