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Default Re: Large hose small hookah?

I have a small hookah (about 12"). It's not a mya, just some chinese knockoff of a egyptian. I had it on a table and i was using my large KM hose with it. For the first NINETY PERCENT of the bowl... i was ok. I got up and walked away, when i came back and picked up the hose (((i didn't PULL IT... just picked it up))), the weight of the heavy KM hose tipped it off the table. It fell on my glass bowl which shattered into a billion pieces and the coal fell under my nuts.

BUT when i was smoking, the hose made a VAST difference over the regular baby hose.

in short:
1. The hose helps immensely.
2. If you're willing to risk it, be VERY VERY careful about tipping. Look into securing the hookah some how ((i've seen people use x-mas tree holders. The ones with the screws that screw in towards the center to stabalize the tree, aka the hookah in this situation))
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