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Default Re: How do you smoke a "quickie" when pressed for time?

Esisomsun and matt.. U are crazy.. first of all matt, when u say ur advice about smoking a quicke, u say dump the water afterwards and skip cleaning it..
Esisomsun, u say ur hookah is washed so ur ready to go..??
I smoke my stuff, when Im done I blow out of my hookah to get the smoke out of it, and then unhook the hose and blow out of it.. then thats how I leave it until next session..r egardless of when thats going to be.. 3 hours or 3 days. ( normally just 1 day ) ..
Is this really that bad? maybe once out of 20 - 30 smokes I clean my hookah really with one of theese pipe cleaners and every maybe 10 smokes I just run some water down the stem to get the different flavours out of it... h yeah and maybe each 10 smokes I also run water through my hose ( washable ) .. Warm water and just shaking that water around then out.
Is this a bad for taste u mean?
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