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Default Re: Dry ice in the ice chamber?

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
As for try ice in the base....if u had water in the base....the CO2 would dissolve and form carbonic acid in the water....also about a million other no-nos with that.

Also with the ice bucket...the point is that it cools the stem which in turn cools the smoke...using dry ice over ice/water slurry could only have a marginally better effect because CO2 does not exist as a liquid under 1 atmosphere of pressure so you would just have chucks of ice there...minimizing the contact/cooling ability with the metal.

Ice/water can coexist at 0 degrees and contact the full surface of the ice bucket so you get the full effect of the 0 degree cooling... (i think dry ice is -70 C?) But as forementioned idk how well that would cool

Combined with the impracticality for getting dry ice by most people (lab students like me can usually get it fairly easily)

I say its a no.

Me and a friend were going to make a sealed dry ice chamber hookah...completely built/machined by us....but we havent been able to get around to it this year...maybe over xmas break.

Carbonic acid is in almost all soda drinks, so what?
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