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The vase looks the same but the stem is totally different and it's real crystal rather then glass or plastic and the whole thing is very heavy. I got it a few days ago at a cafe in Latakia and I think it cost me about 7 Euros. I've never seen anything like it before and it can take up to 3 hoses.

As to the local moassel it's pretty amazing. I don't know how many brands are around in Syria but I tried out at least a dozen local brands I never heard of. It seems that a lot of them have names like "The Joy of ___________" or the "Pride of ____________" with blank being the name of a town/province/owner/founder or some long dead noble. The flavours are almost always entirely herbs and spices mixed with tobacco and molasses (no honey or glycerine) and are always unwashed. No fruits, drinks or candy flavours. The papcking is just wax paper tied with string and occasionally a little wooden box. Honestly, the stuff they sell locally is far better then anything I can buy else where.
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