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my opinion on tangiers is that you should enjoy the flavors they (he) makes. I'm all for mixing and matching, especially with af simply because they have "natural" type flavors, like mixing a strawberry and vanilla or grape and mint. But I would try to enjoy what they put out, like tangoers and SB too, they make exotic type flavors so they are doing the "mxing" for you. Maybe I'm close minded. I know Tangoers has the natural flavs too like peach and watermelon, ect, but when he makes a blue gumball I think its better to just enjoy it the way he makes it. I don't want to mix SB citrus mist and SB safari melon dew, think of the possibilities. It will go on forever Also, I think we have a favoprtie mix thread here, I haven't been there for awhile, but that may help. The point is mix Tangiers.....with AF....oh man, that's a new one and could make things too complicated. But like I always say variety is key so tell us more about your experiences.
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