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Lightbulb Making the 'pocket' or 'ring' technique with ONE piece of foil.

I tried using the pocked or ring technique to help keep my bowls from burning and realized what is normally a "three pieces of foil" operation could be done with 1 piece (or two if you please) and save alot of time.

1. Cut a large piece of foil (12 in x 12 in).
2. Place foil over bowl with the bowl in the very center of the large square.
3. Gently press down on the foil as you were going to just normally put the foil over the bowl but instead you are just gonna press gently only to make a marker of how big the bowl is and to center it on the foil.
4. take the foil off. You should have a 12 x 12 in sheet of foil with a bit of a circle raised in the center.
5. Now begin to pinch around the circle to bring it up to about a centimeter high or so (this is the "ring" that you normally would make separately using the conventional technique). This may take a little practice and a little guess and check work. Work your fingers around the circle pinching the ring until you have completed the ring and the ring is about a half inch inside the outer edge of the main roil circle (the outermost circumfrince of your bowl (the exact placement of the ring isnt super important.
6. Now place the foil back onto the foil and help the bowl slip into its pocket that you made earlier. squeeze air tight around the base/stem of the bowl.
7. Now puncture your holes in the foil similar to the way you would normally do, inside the ring.
8. Now if you have enough foil left over you can fold one of the corners up and over the ring and pinch it air tight around the ring as to make a pocket. Now poke your holes for the coal in this circle.
9. It is not essential to use the same piece of foil. Sometimes I just cut off the excess foil from the 12 x 12 and use a precut circular standard piece of foil and place if over the ring after step 7 and press the edges over the bowl and squeeze the foil air tight around the base/stem of the bowl.
10. You should now be able to smoke a big bowl with hot coals and not burn the coals and also alow the coals to be able to sit longer during periods of inactivity.
Lemme know what you guys think of it.
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