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Default Re: Best Chocolate Mint

Originally Posted by MarshyTheKid View Post
Hey man! Yeah I've been lurking and learning. I'm probably buying a new hookah this month.

Hmm, interesting. What other unwashed brands are there? What does 'unwashed' mean?
unwashed means it hasn't had the shit rinsed out of the tobacco.By "shit" I mean flavor.
Most "washed' moassels' tend to lean on the additives for flavor, while "unwashed" moassels tend to have a richer flavor, assuming the tobacco is a quality cut. There are alot of heavily washed brands that folks love, such as Starbuzz, tonic, Fusion, and Al Fakher(which I am a fan of).But, in my opinion, the moassel with the most truely enjoyable flavors tend to be the unwashed brands such as Al Nahkla, Desi Murli, Tangiers, and the many rare, black moassels which I've had the pleasure of smoking
such as Khansar, contentment, Shooting Star, and again, many Tangiers flavors. You'll need to decide which you preffer of course, but maybe this will help.
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