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Default the tough stuff

Ok so I am a little bit of a nerd. I am really excited because it seems I will be getting my first Hookah for Christmas. We mostly go to a local place now to smoke they seem to know what they are doing and it is kind of a fun date night for us. Anyway I am a little intrigued by the physics of the Hookah. I get that the draw comes from the stem of the vase and the smoke comes down the shaft into the water to fill the space. Is this marvel simply a means of replacing the pressure lost from sucking the smoke out.

What is the significance of the various parts. I know each part can change various qualities of the experience so how do the parts relate and what are their significance? I know for the most part you guys are all about good smoking but I just wonder since there are so many choices what makes a good bowl, vase, hose, etc?

Dumb questions from a newb I know but please indulge me a little.
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