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Default Re: the tough stuff

just as a rule o fthumb, for egyptian bowls you want to pull the shisha apart and sprinkle it into the bowl, filling it almost to the top. leave about 1/8 of an inch room from the top of the sheesha to the lip of the bowl to make sure that the foil isnt sitting right on top of the sheesha as it will likely cause burning. I either use my metal screen or a piece of foil and make 2-3 rings of holes around bowl. slap on your coals and go to town.

a phunnel from what i understand (haven't been able to perfect it personally) you load it the same way, but you load it to the same level as the inner cicle where the hole is located. then you slap the foil on top. I found that lust making hole EXACTLY where your coals are going to be makes this work a little better. some people put one hole in the middle of the bowl where the smoke will travel down the stem to make pulls easier, and others say that doing so ruins it. i neevr tried it but i plan to in the future.
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