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Default Drink and Smoking with the No Necks

During my last trip one of the things I supposed to do was try to "test the waters" for peddling some casting equipment that the company I work for to the Russians. Basically the Russians are putting big money expanding the ports as their navy has permanent bases in Syria these days.

Anyway, in Tartus I was in this Christian shop that was practically on the water talking to a couple of possible clients I dragged along my mini-rig so I could smoke over lunch and I was the only person in the place with a narghile (everyone else had cigarettes) so I guess I stood out.

While I was finishing up my spiel a bunch of hulking, no neck, bad ass types come in and and since the shop is small and pretty full a few of them grab seats at my table and ordered some bier.

The no necks as it so happened were Russians just off some ship and they were very interested in my rig so I started to explain it to them. After a while we were all smoking, eating and drinking, hearing bad jokes and having a great time. A couple of the guys were really excited about moassel and said they were going to go out and buy all the stuff to get into the hobby. I guess I won over a few converts.

Just one of those crazy but good things that happens every now and then.
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