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Keep in mind, that most of the quality of your actual smoking sessions comes from the bowl, the tobacco, and the coals, and sometimes the foil/screen and hose -- these are all interchangeable and fairly cheap parts. All hookahs don't differ too greatly from one another. It's a very simple pipe, and they all do the same thing for the most part -- Get smoke from A to B. The thing you're really looking for in a hookah is the quality in which it's made in. As bradedup said, a hookah with a wider stem will have an easier draw. You want something that won't corrode or rust, most hookahs are made from stainless steel or brass AFAIK, but i don't know much on the pros and cons of the different metals used. And of course in a hookah, you obviously want something that's aesthetically pleasing to you.

The main difference between a phunnel and an egyptian bowl is that a phunnel can give you a 2-3+ hour smoke session easily with one bowl's worth of tobacco and a few sets of coals. That'd be a good choice if you want to smoke with a few friends, or if you want to smoke really long sessions. It's also used for some of the more wet shisha, because it prevents the juices from going down the stem of the hookah. Egyptian bowls typically last 45-1 1/2 hours for one bowl, depending on what kind of shisha and coals you are using.
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