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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

nice post,

i think part of the issue is going to be that people want the same price, want the item now, and want it the same quality as it has been, issue being that we have higher demand, lower supply, and less skilled people making them.

i still want to get a high quality hookah (my rotator isnt quality but it works well), but honestly i am about to just start making my own since i am learning glass blowing and i know how to braze/silver solder and have access to full studios for both and plan to for a long time.

i would love to get a brand out there that is what you said but ya it is a little wishful thinking, but it can be done seeing as nakhla is 7-8 bucks and tangiers is 13 bucks just not the crazy flavors of SB

nice to see a vendors view on the industry
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