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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

Originally Posted by ByronSA View Post
wow...we are hitting rough times nowadays huh? everyone knows that there are a TON of cheap chinese garbage hookahs, but it's scary to think that that market could be COMPLETELY dry of authentic hookahs in the future, and i'm glad i got my two precious babies, and i'll definitely make sure to take care of them.

anyway i think this should be stickied!
yea thats true cuz newbies down here head to the flea market and buy cheap chinese hookahs for a very very low price and they think their getting a bargain when their not.Also the demands for KM's are as high for the demands for jordans and trust me i know ive heard more people talk about hookahs than anything else in the streets.As for the suppliers or wholesalers as John was describing and talking about it last night their irresponsible because if the shipment isn't half way down the Nile River why are they saying its getting down here next week...INCREDIBLE....John for president
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