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Originally Posted by oramac View Post
i normally smoke with a bunch of friends on a hookah with 3/4 hoses. my biggest pet peeve is when im taking a hit, is when one of my friends starts taking one too, completely killing anything i had goin >.<
I'm lucky in that most people I light up 2 hoses for have about the same lung power as me, we both pull good drags through my MYA. When I've got the girls around for a smoke I normally just use 1 hose, if somebody pulls while they pull, they get no smoke and get sad haha.

I'm guilty of a few of the pet peeves mentioned in this thread, but I don't do it all the time. Sometimes I'll take a long pull, sometimes I'll hold a lungful of smoke...My mates are normally good to smoke with, no hose grabbing, pretty good with puff puff pass and not being asked etc

My BIGGEST pet peeve was my last flatmate though, who liked to tell stories while we smoked. I liked the stories, but he would get the hose passed to him, start talking and wouldn't smoke or pass for like 5 minutes at a time! Did my head in haha!
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