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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

[FONT=Verdana]The market economy at its finest. Itís only the educated that can prevent themselves from being arbitraged by those looking to capitalize on the ignorant (which is usually the overwhelming majority). The bad thing is that the demographic driving the hookah fad here wants what's convenient instead of something that is an actual reliable product (that goes for goes for hookahs, coals, et al...). Hence, when they vote with their dollars, they make what we know is the wrong choice and the crap hookah industry is perpetuated. Ultimately, people do what people want, but I am very thankful for resources like Hookah Pro and stand up vendors like ******* Hookah that are sincerely interested in making sure people get the best smoke they can get while still maintaining a very communal feeling with the hookah community.[/FONT]
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